An investment in the future - Refero Revision AB

An investment in the future

We recover hidden capital for our customers’ businesses. In order to rectify built-in errors and reduce latent risks, we investigate the cause of each individual deviation. This means that when you engage us, you not only get immediate results in the form of a capital injection – you also get valuable knowledge that creates opportunities for development, improvement and enhanced profitability many years from now.

Average capital recovered
€ 110,000
Risk analysis
Spend analysis
Supplier checks
Final report
Commission-based fee

Maximum value… for minimum effort

Our work process requires minimal effort on your part. Thanks to in-depth knowledge, years of experience and our own unique software, we can take care of everything – from start to finish. All we need is a few hours of your time. Our fee takes the form of commission on the capital recovered for your business. There’s nothing to pay until the recovered funds are in your account.

Our work process


Data collection and data review

The first stage of our work process involves gathering data and reviewing this to identify deviations. Our combination of software that has been developed in-house, years of experience and unique expertise means that we can mostly deal with this by ourselves – without having to take up your valuable time.


Analysis and identification of hidden capital

The gathered material is analysed thoroughly to identify hidden capital. We examine every individual deviation in depth to reduce future risks and create more secure working processes.


Dialogue with external parties and capital recovery

We take care of all the necessary contact with external parties to rectify transaction errors. We won’t charge a penny until the recovered funds are in your account.


Strategy to improve systems and routines

We present our completed analysis in a final report which clearly shows the deficiencies and deviations we have found. You’ll get an overall picture, allowing you to improve processes and reduce future risks. We’ll also provide concrete suggestions for improvements.