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Every year, millions of transactions are carried out between Sweden’s companies, county councils and organisations. Even in the best-run business, these transactions result in a small number of errors – with lost income as a result. Although the margin of error is often as little as 0.5%, the total sum of lost money can be significant. We can help you to recover hidden capital, while at the same time quality assuring your business processes to reduce future risks.

We find more

When we say that we find more, this involves more than simply recovering the largest sums of hidden capital. It’s just as much about identifying additional latent risks and further opportunities for improving profitability.

Maximum value… for minimal effort

Our work process requires minimal effort on your part. Thanks to the longest experience in the industry, in-depth knowledge and our own unique software, we can take care of everything – from start to finish. All we need is a few hours of your time.

You can’t lose

Our fee takes the form of commission on the capital recovered for your business. There’s nothing to pay until the recovered funds are in your account.

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