We find more.

We help Sweden’s businesses, municipalities and regions to find hidden assets and identify shortcomings in their routines, systems and operational culture.

Recovered capital:


Every year, Swedish businesses, municipalities and regions carry out transactions worth millions of kronor, both in Sweden and abroad.

Even if 99.9% of this is problem-free, the last little margin of error can lead to huge sums of money being lost.

What we do

Through in-depth analyses of the business’s capital flows, we detect risks, suggest improvements and highlight opportunities for improved profitability – as well as returning large sums of money. Our analysts are ably assisted by dedicated specialists within VAT and taxation, data processing and administration.

How we do it

Our way of working is based on putting the best digital tools in the hands of the smartest, most experienced and curious analysts. This is what distinguishes us from our competitors and lays the foundation for our success – curious minds always outperform soulless algorithms.

How we started

Refero was established in 2005 with a clear idea. With experience from large international agencies, and their often impersonal and mechanical ways of working, we wanted to work in a Swedish way – honestly, personally and in close cooperation with our customers.

Latest news

We are Refero

Lars Fyhr


Tele +46 (0)70 622 65 86 | E-post lars.fyhr@refero.se

Lars is one of Refero’s co-founders. As our marketing expert, he specialises in persuading more organisations to see the benefits of our services. Lars is also the company’s visionary – he has a talent for seeing the bigger picture, and is passionate about Refero’s future growth.

Joakim Severinus


Tele +46 (0)70 622 65 87 | E-post joakim.severinus@refero.se

Joakim is Refero’s other co-founder, and balances out the management equation. Joakim is Lars’ opposite in many respects. He analyses the finer details, and is an expert when it comes to system flows and their contexts.

Peter Söderberg


Tele +46 (0)70 622 66 53 | E-post peter.soderberg@refero.se

Peter has many years of experience as an auditor, and is an expert on the municipal accounting system and VAT. He often finishes tasks before we even realised he had started, and he also has experience of working with major supermarkets and retailers, as well as banking and finance.

Jenny Ripäng


Tele +46 (0)70 622 66 03 | E-post jenny.ripang@refero.se

Every company needs a perfectionist – which is where Jenny comes in. With her genuine commitment and interest, Jenny always goes the extra mile and nothing gets past her without undergoing one last review. Jenny has previously worked for several multinational groups.

Peter Larsson


Tele +46 (0)70 622 65 36 | E-post peter.larsson@refero.se

No team is complete without a reliable wingman. Peter has built up experience working with us, with both municipal and private companies, and has previously worked for large groups and in business control.

Malin Rydlund


Tele +46 (0)70 622 15 34 | E-post malin.rydlund@refero.se

Malin has a talent for getting a lot done in a short space of time. Outside work, she’s also a professional level cyclist – the very embodiment of Refero’s trademark of putting 100 percent into everything we do. We’re lucky to have such a goal-driven, effective player on our team.

Johan Tystrand

Data Specialist

Tele +46 (0)70 622 67 90 | E-post johan.tystrand@refero.se

With extensive experience of data conversion, no quantity of data is too great and no financial system too complex for Johan to get a grip on. On the contrary: the bigger and trickier, the better!

Christopher Solberg

Sales and Marketing Manager

Tele +46(0)70 622 67 56 | E-post christopher.solberg@refero.se

A life-loving optimist who only sees everything in a positive way. Always with a smile on his face. Is the glass half full or half empty? For Christopher it is half full and it is easy getting it filled up. Good listener but prefer to talk about everything and nothing. Golf and cars are something he can talk about for a long time.

Ronnie Peterson

Tax Expert

Tele +46 (0)70 592 42 66 | E-post ronnie.peterson@refero.se

We’re lucky to have Ronnie Peterson, probably Sweden’s leading VAT and tax expert, on our team. Ronnie has worked as Head of Tax at the power company Vattenfall and as a tax expert for the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. He has also been commissioned to undertake fiscal investigations for the Swedish Ministry of Finance. With more than 40 years of tax and VAT experience, Ronnie truly is an invaluable resource.

Ayla Earey

Contract Controller

Tele +46 (0)70 622 65 88 | E-post ayla.earey@refero.se

Ayla is something of a sleuth who loves nothing better than delving deep into our customers’ purchasing patterns, ensuring that she understands the intentions, identifies risks and considers whether everything is 100% correct or just 99%. Working as a Contract Controller at Refero involves acting as a filter between the customer and the analyst. In her free time, she is a mother and a yogini.

Rune Nordström

Senior adviser

Tele 0706-602 65 20 | E-post rune.nordstrom@refero.se

With his experience, Rune is set to create long-term business and develop communication and be present in procurement issues. His long experience in communication is a welcome element for our customers who need guidance on communication and procurement.

Where we are

Adress Liljeholmsvägen 16, 117 61 Stockholm

(Stora Gårdshuset, Stora Katrinebergs gård).


Phone +46 (0)8 22 61 50

Email hej@refero.se

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